TAITherm_Model buildup_Cylinder

TAITherm Model Buildup


TAITherm has some basic geometry creation options, which helps the users to create and manipulate the geometries.


To create pipe geometry in TAITherm tool.


The pipe geometry can be modelled using a Cylinder Primitive.

  1. Under the Create sub tab select the Cylinder Primitive.
  2. Enter the Cylinder Dimensions: Length = ‘n’ inches and Diameter = ‘n’ inch.
  3. Enter the Number of Elements along both the Length and Width: Along Length = ‘n ’and around the Circumference= ‘n’.


                                               Fig: 1.Example Pipe creation parameters

        4. Press the Create button and the cylinder geometry will appear.


                                              Fig: 2.Pipe Creation.


      5.The created pipe needs to be translated (moved), so as to position it above the model to analyse the conduction process. This is done with the help of Translate tab as shown;