TAITherm_Model Building _Rectangular Body

TAITherm Model Buildup


TAITherm has some basic geometry creation options, which helps the users to create and manipulate the geometries.


1. To create basic geometry using Geometry Primitives

2. To become familiar with the following Geometry Operations: Scale, Translate, Rotate, Copy etc.

Steps to create the geometry:

1. Select the Geometry Tab.

2. Under the Create sub tab select the Plate Primitive.

3. Enter the Plate Dimensions: Length = ‘n’ inches and Width = ‘n’ inches.

5. Enter the Number of Elements along both the Length and Width: Length = ‘n’ and Width = ‘n’. Press the Create button and the plate geometry will appear.

                     Fig: 1 .Plate Geometry

Select the copy radio button and then click on the respective part to be copied (enter the respective vector values).

                     Fig: 2 .Copy Parameters

Select the Rotate radio button. Under Rotation Parameters enter a Rotation Angle of 90 degrees.

                   Fig: 3 .Rotation Parameters

The Final model will looks like this ;


                    Fig: 4 .Final Model